-Narcisse- Dakota Bustier

Dakota is a darling who keeps out of trouble most of the time.

She’s currently available at Mesh Bi-Monthly event until the 31st of March.

She comes in 20 colours and is also available 4 tasty different Mini Packs which include a texture HUD that allows you to change the Bustier Cage independently to the Fabric. The Voluptous pack includes all 4 of these mini Packs.

Go visit Dakota now 

A is for Alex

A is for Alex

Presenting Alex, a seductive set sure to please.

Alex consists of a Bra & Panties set as well as a Harness (sold separately) in 16 individual colours. Each set includes a HUD to allow you to adjust the cups on the Bra (Solid, sheer or completely invisible) and the Panties (Solid or sheer), change the metal textures on the Bra and Harness (Silver, Black & Gold)

Alternatively, the Voluptuous Pack includes 8 bonus plus a Multi Texture change HUD (see below) that allows you to mix and match colours in a virtual unlimited combination so you can truly make Alex your very own….

Make sure you visit Alex inworld, she’s coming to the Marketplace very soon

Intimately Yours,
Narcisse xo