Narcisse @ Cosmopolitan’s 5th Birthday – Quinn Tuxedo

Narcisse @ Cosmopolitan - Quinn Tuxedo

Wow, doesn’t time fly! It’s been a huge month of event birthdays and I feel very fortunate to have been part of a few of them. Now its Cosmopolitan’s turn. I’ve visited Corinna’s event from its very early inception and to now be participating in such a milestone as turning 5 in SL is an honour.

So, what should you wear to a party? A Tuxedo of course!!

Quinn is a 3 piece outfit consisting of a Collar, Harness and Panties. I chose to keep the items all together instead of selling them separately to give you the choice of what to wear and how you want to wear it.

Quinn comes in 14 Stand alone colours with a HUD to allow you to change the metals OR you can get the Fatpack which gives you a bonus 8 colours along with the ability to change different parts of your outfit to customise it and make it truly original to you.

Fatpack HUD

Available at Cosmopolitan’s birthday round from the 31st July.

Here’s your taxi