Narcisse turns 1

Happy Birthday to Narcisse

So, my Store turned 1 yesterday – WOW where did that go?!~?!?!?

This has been an amazing year for me, filled with many highs and lows and one hell of a steep learning curve.

First and foremost I have to give a big call out to Sasy Scarborough and Siddean Munro who helped me immensely on this journey. I would not be here today without them ❤ ❤

Secondly a big thanks to Amelia (Ravenwings) first for having confidence in me and accepting my application to 4Mesh then becoming my blog Manager and helping me to bring together an amazing Blog Team who constantly amaze me with their Talents. You all rock so hard! ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you to everyone I have met along the way who has supported me in so many numerous ways I could not have possibly imagined. Many many talented creators I’ve met in the last 12 months who have been so supportive and positive. I feel very fortunate to consider myself amongst them. Their talent and creativity blows me away constantly.

Over the course of the last 12 months I’ve put out 30 releases of original mesh that I created, textured and boxed myself (about to be 31 with my Bound Box release).

The learning curve over the last 18 months (as my mesh journey began in September 2016) has been intense and every day I am still learning, this is something I know will go on forever and I love that.

I love creating mesh, I’ve gone from that terrified, ‘how the hell am I going to make that’ to starting with relative ease just about anything I set my mind to. The self realisation of that the other day was pretty mind blowing.

I am excited by what the future holds for my store and have been so fortunate in the last 12 months to cross off many Big Hairy Audacious Goals (or BHAGS as my RL work calls them) that whilst I put them out there, never thought I would get to achieve them in my first 12 months, which included;

– Participating in UBER (Thanks Sands <3)
– Participating in Epiphany – TWICE!! (Thanks Skye & Shiny ❤ <3)
– Participating in Bound Box – TWICE!! (Thanks Voshie & Kira ❤ <3)
– Participating in Vintage Fair
– Participating in Fetish Fair (Thanks Audrey <3)
– Soon to be participating in Whimsical (Thanks Cat <3)

And so many more amazing events out there.

These next 12 months are going to see me focus on Main Store releases as well as still participating in events.

Which brings me to my customers. Thank you, without you, I would not be here today. Thank you for buying my creations and the feedback I’ve received has been so overwhelmingly positive, its often brought me to happy tears ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

To say thank you, I’ve put a little gift out at the store, this is just the first, there are several others on the way very shortly (which may also include the chance to win a Bound Box, stay tuned)