Midnight Madness

Victoria MMM

Kellis MMM

I’m really excited to be participating in Midnight Monthly Madness! For my first time, I decided to do an exclusive colour of two of my favourite items, the Victoria 2in1 Bodysuit (Midnight Gift) and the Kellis Babydoll Set(Midday/Noon Gift).

IMPORTANT:  In order to get the free gifts, you must be in the Midnight Monthly Mania Group. There is a group joiner where I have everything set up outside the store.  To receive a 50% discount off the Last Chance Sales, you need to join the Narcisse Store group, membership is currently free and will also receive 10% store credit on all other purchases (except the Last Chance boards). There is also a group joiner set up where the MMM Boards are located.

This is where the boards are set up

I’m also offering a heavily discounted HUD for each set with 6 colours in each.  If you have the original fatpacks, these HUDs will interact with those as well!


Kellis ADD on Ad

More info about Midnight Monthly Madness can be found here

See you soon!

❤ Narci


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