Please read the following before applying: 

  • There are on average 3-4 releases a month and you will be expected to blog at least twice per month.  This can include older items (This is highly encouraged).
  • Your blog must be at least 6 months old & you must post on a regular basis (ie at least once per week).
  • Flickr only blogs will also be accepted, providing you post pictures on a regular basis, have a minimum of 1000 followers and you credit all items in your image.
  • Your pictures/blog matches the style of Narcisse; sexy, classy, elegant and sometimes naughty (check out the Flickr group for examples).
  • Your posts provide clear details on what the item is (& event, if relevant) and necessary links with slurls / marketplace listing (if relevant).
  • Your pictures are of a high resolution and your review items are presented in a well thought out & tasteful way (eg. Tell a story with your image). It is completely ok for you to use various windlights, shadows, depth of field, lighting and any external applications (eg. Photoshop, Gimp etc) as long as your pictures clearly show the items.
  • You must be signed up on the Blogotex system to receive your review items, you will then have 15 days from the time you collect the item to blog it & update Blogotex.
  • Extensions may be granted if requested.  If this occurs please ensure updated information is in your blog (eg. if an item was released at an event & then put up at the main store afterwards make sure your blog post accurately reflects where customers may find the item.)
  • If you are not able to fulfil your blog requirements you must get in touch to advise that this is the case to avoid being removed from the store’s blogotex.  Your status may be suspended at this time until you are able to resume blogging.
  • You will be notified via Blogotex regarding your application.  If your application is unsuccessful it will be because it does not meet the requirements set out on this page.   There will always be future opportunities, providing your blog compliments the style and quality of Narcisse.

Key Criteria we will be looking for (in addition to what’s outlined above):



  • You have purchased items from Narcisse previously, or
  • You have blogged items from Narcisse previously
  • If selected, your blog can display the Narcisse logo as a sponsor
  • You use Discord &/or have a Facebook account.


I feel very strongly that the relationship between Creators and Bloggers need to be a mutually beneficial one & whilst receiving review items, I also strongly believe that we need to support each other.  Based on this, as a Creator, these are my essential obligations that I will fulfil for you:

  • You will always receive a Fatpack or ALL items being released. It will never be just 1-2 colours or just a handful of items. You will also receive any event exclusive items as well.
  • You’ll get advance notice of upcoming events & releases so can prepare for future blog posts & WIP’s (work in progress images) provided when possible.
  • ALL feedback is welcome.  If you have an issue or discover a problem with any items please advise as soon as possible. Your opinion is highly valued.
  • Show support of your blog in various ways, eg. Following you on Flickr; Including a link for your blog on my blog.  I will follow your blog (if its WordPress) &/or follow you on Facebook (your personal FB &/or FB Blog page).
  • Liking and commenting on your pictures and posts on Flickr, Facebook & on Blog posts.  It’s important for me to ensure you’re aware that I recognise and appreciate the effort you go to. This may also include liking/commenting on posts/pictures you do for other stores as well.


  • In addition to receiving premium product as a blogger of my store, there will also be other benefits & incentives to blogging for Narcisse.  I want you to continually strive to do your best and help you to achieve your goals, whether they be blog related or otherwise.

If you agree to all of the above then please go to the Blogotex Access Point at the Narcisse Mainstore.