Narcisse-Kellis-Babydoll-low-resKellis Babydoll set now available at 4mesh

This beautiful babydoll set is available in 12 single colours, and the fat pack has 6 bonus colours.  All colours have 3 fabric options: solid, sheer with dots and sheer with stripes. The fatpack has multi texture change hud.

Hope you love her as much as we do.


Want to Win a Bound Box?


 I’m so excited to be in the October Bound Box and the great news is I get to give one away!!

There are multiple ways you can win, here’s how:

– Join the Narcisse in world group (currently free to join): (copy this link in-world) secondlife:///app/group/01af5540-2b92-26f2-141c-51cc95ba29e1/about = 1 entry
– Purchase any single item from Narcisse either at the Mainstore OR at any events = 2 entries
– Purchase any Fatpack item at the Mainstore OR at an event = 6 entries

Just to recap:
– If you join the group (at no cost) you get 1 entry
– If you purchase a single item you get two entries
– If you purchase a Fatpack you get six entries
– The more items you purchase the more entries you’ll receive and the more chances you have to WIN.

The Winner will be randomly selected at Midnight SLT 10th October and announced immediately afterwards.

The winner can also choose to gift their Bound Box to a friend if they have already purchased one.

Good luck!


“Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.”

― Anaïs Nin

The Anais Chemise is available now at The Liaison Collaborative

There are 18 Single colours which come with a hud to change the sheer of the top & skirt and also lets you change the ribbon colour.  The fatpack includes a texture change hud.

Edith Choker & Bracelet

Edith @ Cosmopolitan

Currently available at Cosmopolitan until the 9th of September, the Edith Choker and Bracelet set was designed to compliment the Cora Gown, currently available at the Trunk Show until the September 18th.

Edith Choker and Bracelets are being sold in a complete set which includes a HUD that allows you to change the colour of the Pearls, Metals and Gemstones.

Here’s the LM to get you there!

Cora by Narcisse


Cora (Back view)

Here comes the blushing bride, Cora.

Cora comes in two parts, the Gown and Pearl Strands.  The dress is a very simple satin design and whilst you can wear it alone, I recommend you wear it with the Pearl Strands.  The Pearls can also be worn alone or with other clothing.

Cora is currently being sold exclusively at the new Bi Monthly Pale Girl Production Event, the Trunk Show, which is a themed event specifically for Weddings and starts on August 19th until September 18th.  Here’s your Limousine

Cora comes in 16 colours. I decided not to do exclusive Fatpack colours this time around as I didn’t want to feel any Bride should be forced into spending more for 1 colour just because it was an exclusive.  I hope this gives any Bride plenty of options to find the perfect colour for them (I know from experience how hard it can be to get the perfect colour!)

Single colours come with a HUD that allows you to change the Pearl strands to one of 3 colours, Ivory, Black or Silver.  There is also a separate Fatpack just for the Pearl Strands that will allow someone who wants to purchase a single colour dress, to enable them to purchase ALL the Pearl colours if they so desire.  There are 8 different Pearl colours included in the full Fatpack and the Pearl only Fatpack.

There are two ways of wearing the Gown. The original design was more daring with only the Pearls covering the breasts, however a suggestion was made that not all Brides will find this appealing so a more modest option was incorporated. On the all the Huds there is a modesty option for you to choose which way you want to wear the dress.

All the colours of the Gown (16 in total) & Pearls (8 in total) can be purchased all together as a Fatpack and come with a HUD which allows you to choose which colour dress and pearls, along with the modesty option).

I really hope you love Cora, as much as I loved creating her. Making a wedding gown was the last thing I’d expected to do but the design really resonated with the style of Narcisse; Classic, Elegant, Timeless.

Cora is rigged for Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass.

❤ Narcisse

Blogger Applications Open

With the introduction of Blogotex at Narcisse, I felt it was a good opportunity to review the blogging criteria and formally announce that we are currently accepting applications.

Please note that applications will only be open from August 25th to 31st.

All information regarding what we are currently looking for, along with the link to the Bloggers Access Point, can be found here.

All applicants will be notified via the Blogotex system in early September.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to receiving your application & good luck!

❤ Narcisse & Raven

October’s Bound Box Participants Revealed


I’m very excited to announce I will be participating in the next Bound Box!! This is in addition to also being in Epiphany, October is going to be pretty epic @ Narcisse #watchthisspace #blessed

Pale Girl Productions

Hello my lovely deviants! We are proud to introduce to you October’s Bound Box participants! I hope you are excited about the upcoming release as we are. Pre-orders go on sale September 12th.


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